Trouble Shooting

This site lists problems that may occur using CaTSiT and hints how to solve them.
If you encounter other problems, please send us a description of the error and what you did before it occurred, so we may extend this section.

Problem The simulation aborts with a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError error.
Solution This error occurs when the java process running the simulation has too little RAM size. You can evade this error by assigning a higher maximum heap size to the simulation process via the java parameter -Xmx3g. The number represents the number of Gigabyte to assign. E.g.:
java -jar -Xmx3g CaTSiT.jar simulate 'PathToOutputFile' 'sheetName' 'PathToConfigurationFile' 'PathToTechnicalFile'

Problem The simulation takes forever!
Solution Depending on the configuration and the equipment of your pc the simulation can take between some seconds and several minutes. As a reference, the sample main configuration file, which you can download at the sample configuration page, takes about 20 sec to cover a duration of 1500 days and about 4:30 min to cover a duration of 2000 days. The computer that was used to run this test simulations has an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00 Ghz processor and a RAM size of 8 GB.
The speed of the simulation is influenced by the following parameter: duration, growth rates, colonizations rates and the option whether metastases are also able to metastasise (this has a very big influence).
If a simulation takes to long, first check whether all time relevant parameter (growth rates, colonization rates, duration ...) are stated in the right unit. Growth rates are given in 1/day, colonization rates in 1/(cell*day) and the duration in days. If the simulation still takes to long, try to decrease the duration in the technical configuration file.

Problem The script won't start on Linux. The error message says 'no permission'.

To execute the script on Linux, you have to change the permissions of the script. You can do this as followed via the command line:

chmod +x